Chapter 17: Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

Closed27 Apr, 2022, 9:00am - 25 May, 2022, 5:00pm

The following material alterations are proposed to Chapter 17 –  Natural Heritage and Biodiversity.  The proposed alterations should be read in conjunction with the original draft chapter which can be viewed here.


Section 17.0     Introduction

Natural heritage includes the variety of life, often referred to as biodiversity, its physical or geological foundation, and the landscapes which form the surrounding environment. Wicklow supports a good diversity of natural and semi natural habitats such as marine, coastal, wetland, woodland, lake, river and uplands that in turn support a wide range of associated wild plant and animal species. There are also many geological heritage sites of interest in the County which are an important element of the natural heritage.  The conservation and management of the natural environment must be viewed as a central element in the long-term economic and social development of the County. Protecting and enhancing biodiversity and landscapes is vital for the health, well-being and quality of life of communities today and will also be vitally important in the future in adapting to climate change’ and it has a vital role to play in our response to the climate emergency.



Section 17.4     Natural Heritage & Biodiversity Objectives

Woodlands, trees & hedgerows

CPO 17.18        To promote the preservation of trees, groups of trees or woodlands in particular native tree species, and those trees associated with demesne planting, in the interests of the long-term sustainability of a stable ecosystem amenity or and the environment generally, as set out in Schedule 17.05 A and B, and Maps 17.05 and 17.05A - H of this plan.

CPO 17.19        To consider the making of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) to protect trees and woodlands of high amenity value where it appears that they are in danger of being felled generally and in particular where it appears that they are in danger of being felled and in response to requests from local communities.

CPO 17.21        To strongly discourage the felling of mature trees to facilitate development and to encourage tree surgery rather than felling where possible if such is essential to enable development to proceed.

CPO 17.22        To encourage require and ensure the preservation and enhancement of native and semi-natural woodlands, groups of trees and individual trees, as part of the development management process, and to require the planting of native broad-leaved species, and species of local provenance in all new developments.

CPO 17.23        To encourage require the retention of hedgerows and other distinctive boundary treatment in the County. Where removal of a hedgerow, stone wall or other distinctive boundary treatment is unavoidable, provision of the same type of boundary will be required of similar length and set back within the site in advance of the commencement of construction works on the site (unless otherwise agreed by the Planning Authority).



Landscape Category Maps - 17.09A, 17.09B, 17.09C

Change area marked from ‘Area of High Amenity’ to ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’




We wish to support these amendments - please see PDF document titled 'Submission in relation to Proposed Amendments to the Draft Wicklow County Development Plan 2022' attached in relation to...
Woodlands, Trees, Hedgerows CPO 17-18, 17-19,17-21, 17-22, 17-23: I welcome the stronger wording in the proposed amendments because these reflect a stronger commitment to taking the necessary...
These amendments all will help protect our woodlands tree and hedgerows, and our Kilranelagh Hillforts.