Chapter 2: Development Plan Strategy

Closed27 Apr, 2022, 9:00am - 25 May, 2022, 5:00pm


The following material alterations are proposed to Chapter 2 – Development Plan Strategy. The proposed alterations should be read in conjunction with the original draft chapter which can be viewed here.


Section 2.2.2    Integration of climate considerations into the County Development

The approach taken in crafting this County Development Plan is to identify what are the impacts and sources of climate change, identify the key sectors of the sources of impacts that are relevant to the County Plan as a land use plan and to ensure that these are considered in the crafting of all policies and objectives. In order to ensure that this is done in a comprehensive manner, the plan will also include an appendix which audits the provisions of the plan, to show how and where climate considerations have indeed been fully and adequately incorporated into the plan provisions.  



Section 2.4.3    Strategic County Outcomes



Sustainable Healthy Communities


Places should facilitate a high quality of life for all regardless of age or ability. Access to quality housing, employment, childcare, education, health services, community facilities and a clean unpolluted, environment including clean air and water, are defining elements of healthy, attractive and successful places. Investment in a well-designed public realm which includes public spaces, parks, playgrounds, streets and recreational and sport infrastructure to cater for all ages is essential.




Please note that this submission applies to the proposed material alterations in their entirety.
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